The Good Old Days!

Submitted by Frank C. Mauro
I visited the website, and it brought back lots of great memories!!!

I noted that in 2006 DG celebrated its 50th anniversary, so I just wanted to send you a team photo of our team the ‘ Beechurst Merchants’ taken in 1959 (3 years after the league was founded). I’m in the front row left side (eleven years old at the time), I played second base. In the front row, second from the right side, is Jimmy Newhook, he was our pitcher and in years to follow was drafted by the Detroit Tigers (spent a summer or two in training, but injured himself and never pitched big league). Our coaches were Ed Stryker (left side, and his son Eddie front row, right side), and Bud Freeman (right side).

After the Saturday games Bud and Ed used to take us up to Carvel’s (still at same location) for some ice cream. Seems like only yesterday.

Frank C. Mauro, P.E., R.A.

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  1. Vincent Fraggetti Says:

    I played for the 1959 Whitestone Kiwanis baseball team and have many fond memories of Whitestone. Left to join the Navy in August of 1964. I am now 63 and have been back to Whitestone maybe three times since I left to walk the streets and see the old house on Th Ave between Th and Th. I spent many a Saturday at the Rialto theater (the Itch) Seen movies like the Ten Commandments and Love me Tender there.
    Went to St. Lukes and Flushing High. I now live in Michigan and have since the late 60s raised a family and retired enjoying my grandkids. Thanks for the memories

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